The Typography, Titles of works and periodicals

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The titles of all works and publications are written in italics


This typographical convention applies, for example, to literary, artistic, musical or cinematographic works, to radio and television creations, to scientific, legal or technical works, to newspapers, magazines and periodicals, to electronic documents. Typography  titles of works. It also applies to titles that have a second title in their statement.
For lack of italics, in a handwritten copy for example, we underline the titles or we guillemette.


– The play Les belles-sœurs by Michel Tremblay
– The collection of poems The tomb of kings , Anne Hébert
– The novel Next episode , by Hubert Aquin
– The mural Tribute to Rosa Luxemburg , by Jean-Paul Riopelle
– Opera Mozart’s Magic Flute
– The film Mon uncle Antoine , by Claude Jutra
– The sculpture The progress of cruelty , by Françoise Sullivan
– The Henry James Essay and The Ambassadors

When we quote together the title of a part of a work or a publication

the titles of chapters, journal articles, fables taken from a collection, songs from an album, etc. and the complete title of the work or publication, the first remains in Roman and is placed in quotation marks while the second is italicized. Typography  titles of works. However, when mentioning only the title of an extract of a work or publication, without mentioning the title of that work, Italic is normally used. The poem, the fable, the song, the chapter, etc., thus mentioned are then considered as works in themselves.

– The poem ” Cats ” remains one of the incontestable jewels of the Flowers of Evil .
– Of all the poems of Baudelaire, I much prefer Cats .
– Since his famous song ” When I love once I love forever ” from the album Do you love me , the success of Richard Desjardins does not fade.
– Since his famous song J’aime J’aime une fois I love it forever , the success of Richard Desjardins has not stopped.

Unlike the titles of the other works,

the titles of the sacred works and their parts remain in Roman; for the names of prayers however, the use hesitates between the Roman and the italic. The titles of laws, decrees, judgments, orders and regulations remain in Roman, except in the Canadian federal administration. The names of the codes (Typographic Code, Civil Code, Codex, Napoleon Code, etc.) are also composed in Roman.

– The story of the sin of Adam and Eve is in the Bible and the Koran .
– She ended her evening by reciting a Our Father . (or: a Our Father )
– More details can be found in the Fuel Tax Act .
– The Civil Code of Québec establishes the common law.

In addition, the name of a database, in principle, remains in Roman. Typography  titles of works. Indeed, such a name does not amount to a title of work or publication; rather, it refers to a service offered by an organization, a company, etc. In bibliographic references, on the other hand, the name of a database can still be assimilated to a title and thus be written in italics, just like the names of sites, software and files.


– She consults on a daily basis with the Language Troubleshooting Bank of the Office québécois de la langue française. (but: The great dictionary of terminology , title of work)
– The Commission de toponymie publishes the Bank of Place Names of Quebec .
– QUÉBEC OFFICE OF THE FRENCH LANGUAGE. Language Troubleshooting Bank , [Online], 2014. [].
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  1. Italicize the titles of works published independently: books, plays, long poems published as books, pamphlets, periodicals (newspapers, magazines, and journals), films, radio and television programs, CDs and other recordings, ballets, operas, other long musical compositions that have actual names (not pieces simply identified by form, number, and key: Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony), paintings, works of sculpture, ships, aircraft, and spacecraft.
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