How to quote a book, an article or a chapter of a collective work?

Writing Article

an article or a chapter of a collective work

writing memoirs

In these times of writing memoirs (for those who are completing their masters) or preparation of research projects (for those who are going to start it), it seems useful to me to publish here a little reminder of the norms of quotation bibliographical references.

Note immediately that you may find as many “standards” as interlocutors. Writing memoirs. Indeed, there is no real consensus on the standards of citations in the humanities and social sciences: they are different according to disciplines, publications, etc. The indications proposed here are therefore based on what we ask the students of the methodology and historiography courses of the Master History of the EHESS. Writing memoirs. They may therefore be different from what might be required of you within your own institutions.

There are, however, two immutable rules :

  1. the only mention of the author and the title will never be enough : it is necessary to indicate the maximum of information making it possible to identify precisely the reference which you quote;
  2. the standardization of the bibliographical references is indispensable : once a mode of quotation of the references adopted, it is necessary to hold for all the memory.

Basic “Rules” for …

• … a book – Author, Title , Publishing town, Publisher, “Collection”, Year, Total number of pages.

Example: Chatriot, Alain , French Social Democracy. The experience of the National Economic Council, 1924-1940 , Paris, Discovery, “The space of history”, 2002, 419 p.

• … an article – Author, “Article title “, Journal title, Volume, Number, Publication date, first page-last page.

Example: Chatriot, Alain, “The Revival of French Political History of the Contemporary”, Studia Politica, Romanian Political Science Review , 3, July-September 2009, pp. 401-423.

• … a chapter of a collective work – Author, “Title of the contribution”, in [or in ] Author (s) of the work (dir.) [Or Ed (s)], Title of the work , City of edition, Publisher, “Collection”, Year, Pagination, first page-last page.

Example: Chatriot, Alain, “The consultative bodies of economic and social policy”, in Morin, Gilles, Richard, Gilles (eds.), The two France of the Popular Front , Paris, L’Harmattan, “Fists and roses “, 2008, pp. 255-266.

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