How to quote a book, an article or a chapter of a collective work?

Writing Article

concerning the authors


– Ideally bibliography

the name precedes the first name in the bibliography, the first name precedes the name in the notes – but this is not obligatory, it is a personal taste, because I find that it makes more pleasant the reading of the notes .
In a similar vein, putting names in small capitals (or in capital cases) improves the aesthetics of the text, while ensuring the reader can distinguish the name of the name (see the example of chapter of book above ). The process also allows you not to separate names and first names by commas.

– Always mention

the first and last name at the first occurrence, in the text and in the notes. You can then, if you wish, abbreviate a “Christophe Prochasson” in “Ch. Prochasson” or “C. Prochasson”, but it is essential that the first name appears the first time.
– For two authors, you can use “and” as well as a simple comma to separate them.

When the authors are really numerous – from four in general – you can possibly abbreviate quoting only the first, followed by the mention et al. (Latin phrase for “and others”). The ideal remains, however, to indicate all the authors, at least in the bibliography.

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Concerning the use of the abbreviations .. dir., Pp., Etc.

As I told you earlier, there is no real consensus about these standards. It follows that you will be able to use various abbreviations to indicate the same thing.

Pagination: one generally indicates several pages (when a quote occupies more than one) or the pagination of an article or a chapter by pp. It is however possible to be satisfied with p.

When your bibliographic reference corresponds to a quotation that you make in the body of the text, the reference to the page of the quote is essential. Either by replacing the pagination or the total number of pages by that of the quotation (and by indicating this information only in bibliography); Either mentioning in parentheses, after all the previous information: (quote on page X)

– Collection: without being totally obligatory, indicate the collection is strongly advised. It is possible to indicate only its title “The historical universe” or to specify coll. “The historical universe” .
It is possible (and often advisable) to mention the collections only in the bibliography of the dissertation, and not to indicate them in the notes. If in doubt, make the most complete notes possible: it is easier to delete information than having to return to search the catalogs.