At the heart of the company’s strategy

By | December 17, 2018

Financial direction

Strategic alignment & transformation of operational models, management of the overall performance of the company, digital transformation.

Financial management is increasingly influential in the strategic decisions of the company.

In addition to the traditional functions of accounting, treasury and management control, there are strategic missions that make the CFO a decisive player in creating value:

  • Growth management
  • Investment, financing
  • Financial and operational risk management
  • Production and control of financial information
  • Accompanying the transformation of the company.…nancial-planning/

Financial management at the heart of the company’s strategy


Guarantor of the soundness of strategic and business directions

In line with the overall strategy of the company and the objectives of the general management, the finance department adapts the operational organization to face the complexity and answer to an increasingly demanding economic environment, in a logic of control of costs and value creation.

In a real consulting role, the finance department is increasingly required to deliver a global and transverse view of the company’s business, in order to inform, validate and sometimes initiate the company’s strategic decisions.

The driver of the overall performance of the company

The mastery of fundamentals, however, remains a “must”

Free time becomes an issue

Digital transformation at the heart of value creation

New digital technologies help finance departments better manage complexity and strengthen their decision-making ability.

Our performance management solutions bring simplicity, reliability, responsiveness, and productivity to:

  • Produce reliable reports and more quickly,
  • Enlighten the future vision of the company by more and more frequent forecasts and forecasts
  • Translate standardized information into operational information for the field,
  • Convert data into immediate decisions,
  • Outsource production work and refocus the finance function on its added value.

At the confluence of different departments, finance has become a strategic player in the digital transformation of the company, able to govern and share data flows, analyze and model information and drive change, while maintaining this vital role guarantor of financial communication.

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