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What Role for Financial Management in a Company?

Financial management is a key service of the company. “It sets up tools to help in making strategic decisions and thus prevents financial risks.” The financial management, generally supervised by a Financial and Administrative Director (DAF), helps to plan the development strategy of the company director or general management.   Cost Accounting and Financial Management… Read More »

What Does a Financial Advisor?

Description The Financial Advisors provide customized financial solutions and execute orders in the stock market and financial products, that is, stocks, mutual funds, annuities, among others. Similarly, they administer monetary activities on behalf of their shoppers, in exchange for remuneration or commission. On occasion, Financial Advisors provide advisory and consulting services; however, its work is… Read More »

Personal financial planning

Special YOUR MONEY. A good salary is not a guarantee of financial success, nor a modest salary necessarily has to promise failures. The author argues that the most important element is to establish a personal financial plan.  The Economist of Mexico Ibero-American Economic Press Network (RIPE) Joan Lanzagorta Personal financial planning is an integral part… Read More »

Financial direction

Role and Mission The mission of the Finance Department is to coordinate the activities relating to the financial management of BRH resources, to propose solutions capable of improving the financial performance of the institution and to implement the decisions of the Board of Directors relating thereto… Strategic functions At the strategic level, the Financial Department… Read More »