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before:  INTRODUCTION 2. CONTENT Business accounting Accounting is known as the language of business. Business accounting plays a vital role in the growth of the business. Accounting includes everything from simple accounting to comprehensive company accounts. Accounting in every aspect of the business is useful for the strategic growth of the company. The different accounting… Read More »

Accounting System: What to choose?

General information on accounting systems You can manage your accounting according to the principle of OP (open positions) or according to that of the management of the auxiliary accounting “of debtors and creditors”. An SME knows its customers and suppliers, accounts of creditors and debtors still open can be easily identified. One can thus give… Read More »

Types of software for accounting

To be successful in running your business or even to know if you are having it, you need accounting software. “Accounting software allows you to monitor the financial health of your business”.  Normally, it allows you to include all expenses such as payroll and equipment expenses, as well as income, for example, sales. To keep… Read More »