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Financial and Managerial Accounting

Financial and cost controlling Financial and cost controlling deal with questions of corporate finance and internal accounting; Tasks of planning, coordination, and control of these areas are just as important as the acquisition. Evaluation of information and the provision of models and decision-making aids for the respective management. Display RS Controlling System: The RS Controlling… Read More »

TPE Accounting: Bonds

The TPE, or Very Small Business, must, like any business, keep an accounting. However, the extent of its accounting obligations is less than for a large entity. Compta-Facile presents them in this article devoted to the accounting of VSEs answering the question: what are the accounting obligations of a VSE? These will depend in particular… Read More »

Management Accounting

There are many types of business accounting that exist; however, not all of them are required by the companies. Some of these varieties of accounting are designed so that. The managers and managers of the company, in order to improve and perform better internal monitoring. Therefore, make effective decisions, decide to adopt this type of… Read More »