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Management Accounting

There are many types of business accounting that exist; however, not all of them are required by the companies. Some of these varieties of accounting are designed so that. The managers and managers of the company, in order to improve and perform better internal monitoring. Therefore, make effective decisions, decide to adopt this type of… Read More »

Management Accounting and The Practical

The practical improvements contributed to the company Management accounting is not usually used or implemented because it is not mandatory considering that its benefits are unimportant or of little value. But this type of accounting is important so as not to lose sight of the real benefits and the improvements it can bring to business… Read More »


Mental map Expand your search in Universalis The management accounting is the accounting information intended for managers. It is not intended to be published, unlike general accounting. Intended for all parties interested in the economic performance of a company or organization. Today, the designation of financial accounting is replaced more and more frequently with that… Read More »